Sunday, May 22, 2016

Kanani's Surprise Blogoversary Party

Hey everyone! Today I will be sharing my photo story for my Second Blogoversary! I will be officially starting the giveaway mentioned at the end of the story tomorrow morning, so stay tuned for that :)

I hope you enjoy the story :D


Kanani lay fast asleep this morning. It was May 20th, which was just a seemingly regular old day in the Oh My Dollies doll family.

It was 7:30 A.M., the girls' usual wake-up time, though Kanani still lay there snoozing.

Nutmeg, who was a morning bunny, was already up, waiting for her friend Kanani to roll out of bed. 

"Uggggghhhhhhh," moaned Kanani. "I do not want to get up..."

She rolled over and started snoring.

Bailey, whose job that day was to wake up first and get all the other sisters up, (all the girls took turns) came into Kanani's room.

" 'Morning, Kanani!" said Bailey. "Come on, Shelby-Grace needs you to get dressed for a post she's planning."

Kanani's only answer was to continue snoring. Kanani was a very sound sleeper.

"Kanani, wake up," said Bailey, slighly frustrated. She was hungry and she still had to wake up Addy and Molly.

"Ugh, I don't feel good," said Kanani. "I think it's my terrible allergies. My nose is stuffy and my throat is scratchy. I think I'll just stay in my room for a little while. Please let the other girls know that today's Oh My Dollies' birthday."

"Oh, happy birthday, Kanani!" said Bailey, mishearing wheat Kanani said. "I'll definitely be sure to let the other sisters know."

"Wait Bailey, I meant--" but the door shut and Bailey was already on her mission to let the sisters know that it was the newest member of the family's birthday.


"Good morning, Addy. Wow, you're up early," said Bailey.

"Good morning, Bailey. Any news for the day?" Addy asked, knowing Bailey's love for spreading information about upcoming events in the Oh My Dollies family.

"Yep! It's Kanani's birthday today!" exclaimed Bailey. "Any ideas for a party or gifts?"

"How about a surprise party?" suggested Addy. "They always have those in the books I'm reading." Addy is a very avid reader.

"That's a great idea! After I talk to the rest of the sisters, I'm getting started on planning for that. Thanks Addy!"

Bailey headed to Molly's room.

"Good morning, Molly. Guess what? It's Kanani's birthday!"

" 'Morning, Bailey. Cool! Are we having a party?" asked Molly.

"Yep! Addy suggested we do a surprise party. What do you think?" Bailey asked.

"I think it's a great idea! When will we have it?" Molly said.

"I was thinking about this evening," said Bailey.

"Oh no!" exclaimed Molly. "I have to go to Melody's skating competition, and we leave tonight. I'm really sorry, Bailey. Let Kanani know I wish I could come."

"That's OK, Molly. I've got to go and check with the other sisters about the surprise party. Have fun at the completion." said Bailey.

After checking with all the other sisters, Bailey learned that only Kit, Addy, Nora, and herself would be able to attend. Bailey was disappointed but she still wanted to throw Kanani a surprise party, seeing as Bailey thought it was Kanani's first birthday with the sisters. 

Meanwhile, Kanani lay lounging her room, wearing a towel on her head (She'd just washed her hair and put on comfy clothes) and was watching AGTube videos and reading AG blogs on her computer.

I'm feeling a lot better, thought Kanani. I think I'll get up. 

So she started to put away her laptop.

Just at that moment Bailey burst in. She had just gotten back after making a quick run to the store to pick up cupcakes and a new table cloth, along with two gifts for Kanani.

Her usually pristine outfit and neat hair was rumpled and her hair was sticking out at all directions. It had gotten very warm outside and the stores were very busy.

"Hi Kanani, please come meet me in the kitchen in just a few minutes, I have something for you," said Bailey.

"OK, sure," said Kanani. "Be right there!"

So Kanani put on a comfortable sundress,

and took off the towel and wound her hair into a loose braided bun.

After throwing on a pair of flats, she headed down to the kitchen.

There Kit, Addy, Nora, and Bailey waited.

"SUPRISE!" they all shouted.

Kanani was stunned. Was all of this for her? And why? She got her answer when Bailey shouted,

"Happy birthday, Kanani! Congrats on turning thirteen!"

What? Thirteen? Kanani had been thirteen for three months now.

"What? I'm sorry, but--" Kanani started but was cut off by Addy handing her a brand new OG laptop and case.

"Happy birthday, Kanani! We all helped buy this," she said, handing Bailey the laptop.

"Thanks so much, but--" Kanani was interrupted again by Nora next, who was handing her a new American Girl outfit.

"Happy birthday, Kanani! I hope you like the outfit," said Nora.

"Thanks so much, Nora and Addy, but today isn't my birthday."

"What?" exclaimed Bailey. "You told me so this morning!"

Suddenly Kanani remembered their conversation earlier.

"Oh no!" said Kanani with a moan. "I meant it was our blog's blogoversary, not my birthday! I'm sorry Bailey."

"That's OK, I guess," said Bailey. "But what will we do with all this stuff?"

"Well, we can start by eating some cupcakes," suggested Kit with a grin, while reaching for a purple-icing cupcake on the table.

"Well, since it's actually our blog's birthday, how about giving the OG laptop and outfit to one of our readers in a contest?" suggested Addy, reaching for the light blue icing cupcake.

"That's a great idea, Addy!" said Kanani, eying the pink icing cupcake. "Thanks for all those great gifts and these cupcakes, Bailey, I really appreciate at the thought."

"You're welcome, Kanani," said Bailey. "I'm so glad you've come to live with us."

"Me, too," said Kanani with a smile.



  1. Awesome photostory, Shelby-Grace! It's so cute! :D I wanted to let you know that the beginning of the story is repeated...after Kanani puts away her laptop.
    But anyhow, the story was wonderful! Happy Birthday to Oh My Dollies!
    ~Grace <3

  2. Awe, I loved this! Happy Blogiversary, Shelby-Grace! :D

  3. Happy Blogoversary Shelby!! Loved all the girl's outfits. They know how to throw a super party!!

  4. This was such a cute photostory! Happy Blogoversary!:)

  5. I just wanted to tell you that it's fine to do a post where you post an outfit and ask if they like it or not. :)


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