Friday, March 25, 2016

Bella In Fall

Hey everyone! 

Today I will be sharing a photoshoot I've actually been meaning to share since this fall, but I completely forgot about it until I was resetting my camera's memory card! :)

Here's the photoshoot, featuring Bella:  

Thank you for reading and have a great week :)



  1. These are beautiful Shelby-Grace!
    ~The Girl Upstairs

  2. bella is such a cute doll, and you always photograph her in the most flattering ways. <3 i know i say this every time, but i really do miss talking to you and i hope life is treating you well!

  3. Oh wow, these pictures are amazing! I love the second one, Bella looks so cute!!:D *squeal* ;D

  4. Gorgeous photos! I love the lighting. Bella may be one of my favorites of your dolls.

    Ellie | The Dolls of 221B

  5. I love this doll! The last photo's my fave.


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