Wednesday, November 18, 2015

The "What Would You Name This Doll?" Top 6 Names!

(Oops, something seems to be off with Blogger for me today! It keeps making my format look a bit funny, so please ignore the off-set and larger-than-usual type! :P )

Hey everyone! 

First off, thank you so much for helping select names for "What Would You Name That Doll?"! 

You all had such great suggestions and made it so hard to narrow it down to only six names :) 

Though I loved all of the names, here are the names that will be appearing on the poll to choose the top two: (TM #57's first and middle name) 

- Camille
- Lucy
- Ella
- Harper
- Brinley
- Olive

Thanks so much again for helping to play "What Would You name that doll! Please vote for your favorite name on the right side of my blog, on the sidebar below my new Post Of the Week poll (feel free to vote on that poll, too! :) ) 

Thank you for reading and have a super great day :)



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