Saturday, November 21, 2015

Shona and Kanani Visit Grandma J and Dexter!

Hello everyone! 

So, recently I made the decision to send my Truly Me #47 doll, Shona, to my Grandma (who I'll be referring to as Grandma J) since my doll room was running out of space :) 

My Grandma also is keeping Kanani with her until I can get her in person in April, too :D 

So, since Grandma J is taking care of these two dolls for me right now, she offered to send me a few photos of them so I thought I would post them today (with her permission, of course! ;) ) 

Here is Kanani (on the left) and her cat, Dexter (in the middle), and Shona (on the right) with the mini Christmas tree!

Here's Shona playing in the freshly fallen snow.

Shona is decorating the tree!

Here's Kanani (on the left) and Shona (on the right) out caroling. 

A close-up of Shona while caroling.

Kanani by the tree!

Shona by the candles :)

Aren't these photos so cute? It looks like Shona and Kanani are having lots of fun with Dexter and Grandma J :) 



  1. Aw, they're so cute! Hope you get Kanani soon! :)

  2. So cute! Looks like they're having tons of fun. And Shona looks so pretty in that coat!

  3. Looks like Shona and Kanani are having fun! Oh, and of course Dexter too!

  4. Have an EXTREMELY AWESOME AND AMAZING Thanksgiving !


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