Monday, September 21, 2015

Reviewing TM #35 :D

Hey everyone! Today I will be doing a review of something very special--a doll! :D 
This review was requested by Maddie :) 
The doll I am reviewing is the stunning TM #35, AKA my Bailey ;) 

TM #35 features the Classic face mold, which complements the rest of her features perfectly,

With lovely deep brown eyes (a bit plainer than Samantha's decal brown eyes but a lighter shade than Addy's),

The feathered eyebrow, 

Very pretty, subtle, facial coloring,

And gorgeous long strawberry blond hair with amazing highlights :D 
Her hair is a bit layered, but is overall amazingly soft and silky :D 

She looks amazing in almost every color, but I think she looks super pretty in pastel colors :) 

I hope I covered all the important details about TM #35, but if I failed to mention something about this doll, don't hesitate to ask me in the comments below and I will do my best to answer your questions :D 

Also stay tuned to my collab blog, Seven Bloggers and Their Dolls, for a photoshoot featuring Bailey a bit later today! ;) 


Saturday, September 19, 2015

Cora By The Roses

Hey everyone! Today I will be sharing another photoshoot with you that I have been meaning to post for a while but I've been forgetting to import the photos for :(

Finally, though, the photos are here and ready to be posted ;)

These photos were taken with my Canon EOS Rebel SL1on a cloudy, rainy day at around 5:00 P.M. on our front porch by the rose bushes :) 

Cora's outfit consists of: 

An adorable shirt from PolkaDotBee123's amazing Etsy shop :D 
The retired MyAG Meet Skirt
And she is going barefoot ;) 

Thank you so much for reading and have a great day :) 

Oh, and also, the poll for the next post is ending tonight, so be sure to vote before then! ;) The poll is located at the top of my right sidebar :) 


Thursday, September 17, 2015

AG News: AG Is Opening "Pop-Up" Holiday Stores?! + A Great Giveaway

Hey everyone! I apologize for posting two days in a row--I'm sure you are getting tired of seeing all my posts in your feeds by now! :P

First off, Delightful World Of Dolls blog is having a super amazing giveaway for Maryellen's birthday dress! Click *HERE* for more info and enter the giveaway :D
Also, I just wanted to share something super cool I found through the blog, Living A Doll's Life:

AG is opening Holiday "Pop-up" stores this year! 
So, I decided to check out the link that Living A Doll's life provided to Mattel's job recruiting site, and searched for "Holiday Retail Stores" and found this list of locations:

After looking this over, I came to the very last one, and I am pretty sure the whole neighborhood know that I had found a store that would be coming to our area (I'm from the Midwest ;) ) XD 

I am so happy to have a store close to our part of the Midwest, since we are near the state of Indiana :D 

I am hoping we will be able to go to the store once it officially opens for the holiday season! I wish it could permanently stay, even though there are other Midwest locations :) 

Is there a store coming to your area for the holiday season?


Wednesday, September 16, 2015

A Patriotic Photoshoot With Flora

Hey everyone! Today I wanted to share with you a few photos of the newest Oh My Dollies family member, Florence Eloise, nicknamed Flora! ;) 

She will soon have her About Page up on the Meet The Dollies, along with Melody, Shona, and Bailey :)

In this photoshoot, Flora is wearing a retired JLY top from eBay from the Beachside Outfit, shorts and shoes from Our Generation, and a headband from Kit's original Reporter Dress for a fun patriotic outfit :) 

Here's the photos: 

Thank you so much for reading and have a wonderful day ^_^ 

Who is the newest addition to your dolly family? 


Thursday, September 10, 2015

"Stripey Update" #2

Hello everyone! 
Since you said you'd enjoy seeing some updates about the monarch caterpillar, Stripey, today I will be updating on his progress becoming a butterfly :D 

As you probably can tell by the title photo, Stripey is now hanging up on the lid of his container in preparation of creating his chrysalis! :D Here he is: 

I can't wait to see him become a butterfly! ^_^ 


Saturday, September 5, 2015

Updates + AGTube Video + A Monarch Caterpillar?!

Hello everyone! First off, I am yet again so sorry for the huge gap between posts! :P I have quite a few posts in draft I really need to get posted, so expect to be seeing more posts from me soon! ^_^ Anyhow, if you'd like to see some photos from my trip to AGP Columbus for MaryEllen's debut, and meet two very special dolls, here is the video from my AGTube channel, AGSapphireProductions:

But the reason of this post is a bit different than ususal--don't worry, I'm not leaving! Today I wanted to share a few photos of something non-doll related: 

This super adorable monarch caterpillar, named Stripey! ;) (Yes, it is named after GOTY 2010 Lanie's monarch caterpillar ;)  0
I do realize that it is entirely non-doll related, but I thought I would share anyway ;) 
We are observing the stages of the monarch caterpillar for a homeschool project and it is just so fun to watch this cute little guy or girl (I'm not sure which) ;) 
I'm not usually much for insects, but I do love butterflies so this is a very fun project for me ^_^ 
I was wondering, would you mind if I occasionally posted a few photos of Stripey until he or she becomes a butterfly? :) 
Oh, and before I forget, here's a sneak-peek to an upcoming photoshoot: 

I think that is it for this post! Thank you so much for reading and have a wonderful weekend :D