Wednesday, July 8, 2015

"Doll Play Day" Tips And Ideas: #2

Hey everyone! I hope you have been having an awesome day with your dolls if you're participating in "Doll Play Day"! (and if not, I hope you are just having a great day :) ) I know me and my dolls are having a great time! :) This is part #2 of this "mini series" with the theme of doll hair care/styles :) All the style are just styles I kind of took one main idea (such as the infinity braid and flipped ponytail) and make them my own and simplify them a bit ;)
The first hairstyle I'll be showing you, with its wacky name and all, is the...

The "whatchamacallit" braid! XD The reason behind this odd name is I have absolutely no idea if this is an actual hairstyle with a real name, and if so, I have no idea what it's called :P Anyway, here's how to do this style:

You'll need: 
~ A small spray bottle filled with water~A wire wig brush
~A unused toothbrush {optional}
~A few small doll hair ties


Lightly mist your doll's hair, and brush it free of tangles.

Divide a small section of hair by your doll's face.

Brush the hair back and away from her face as illustrated.

(I apologize for my terrible editing job on the photos below :P )

Divide a small section out of the larger piece.

Cross it down and over into the lower portion of hair.

Divide a piece of hair not from the main section, but from the lower piece.

Bring it up and into the main section.

Take a bit of hair from the top of the doll's head and pull it across the main section. (I hope that makes sense!)

Continue doing this until you reach the side of your doll's head, and then you can choose to continue it into a full fishtail braid or just tie it off into a ponytail. (I opted for the ponytail.) 

Ta-da! :D 

Next up is what I like to call the "Bubble Fishtail Flip" braid! (another funny name ;)  ) 
Here's how to do the style:

1. Gather your doll's hair back into a ponytail, securing it with an elastic.

2. Just above the elastic, poke your finger through to make a small hole.

3. Push the lower part of the ponytail though the hole.

4. The flipped part of the hair may look a bit odd, like above ^^^, so just tighten the hair as you would a normal ponytail.

5. Next, add another elastic, just a few inches below the one above. 

6. Repeat steps 2-4 and add more hairties if you'd like a longer style.

7. Ta-da! You're done! :D

I hope you enjoyed this short tip for "Doll Play Day"! :) Whether you're participating or not, have a wonderful dolly-filled day ;D 



  1. Thanks for the tip ! I'm awful at hair so hopefully this will look nice ! I'm also posting about the Doll Play on my blog , I hope you don't mind .


    1. No problem! :) I'm sure that you are not that terrible at doll hair, though :) Thank you so much for sharing bout the Doll Play Day on your blog, I really appreciate it! :D

      ♥ Shelby

  2. Hmmmm, these are really cool!
    Perhaps I'll try it on my doll Emma :)

  3. These look super cool! I'll have to try them out :).

    - Ellie


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