Monday, July 13, 2015

After The Rain : Part One

Hey everyone! Today I will be sharing a few photos I took after the huge rainstorm that just ended featuring Grace in her raincoat ;) Just after I finished this set of photos, the sun decided to make an appearance after nearly a week of straight rain and clouds, so I decided to do one more photoshoot to post on Seven Bloggers And Their Dolls :P I was inspired to do a split/part post between my collab and main blog from Autumn, who did this a little while ago :) Anyway, here are the photos:

Thank you for reading!

As I said, later this evening I will be posting Part Two to this photoshoot onto Seven Bloggers And Their Dolls, so stay tuned for that! ;)



  1. Nice pics! I love that jacket on her :-)

  2. The past few week are so rainy for me! I was literally trying to beat the storm (and my camera battery!) to take pictures today :) I love the 6th picture.

  3. Beautiful pictures. I especially love 1, 2, and 6!

    - Ellie

  4. Wow, Grace is so pretty! Would you recommend getting her?

  5. Wonderful pictures! I pinned a few on Pinterest, hope you don't mind!

    Allie D.

  6. Beautiful photos.The second one is my favorite.

  7. aww Grace looks amazing!
    the second part is fabulous too!

  8. I really like this!

  9. Beautiful photos of Grace! She looks super cute in the raincoat. ^_^


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