Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Apologies Once Again + What's In Cora's Skating Bag?

Hi everyone! I am SO sorry for such a long break between each post :( I promise I am not quitting blogging, it's just this time of year is really busy for me! :(
I will do better, though, at updating my blog more frequently again, though :)
Anyway, though, I decided to do a fun mini-series (as in only two parts ;)  ) with Cora, who has recently taken up a new hobby, along with me--figure skating!
We both have been immensely enjoying our newfound sport, and we will be showing you what we like to  do to prepare for a fun-filled day of skating ;)
Oh and I also forgot to mention, but I am so sorry for the awful picture quality of the photos below--I have no idea what happened! :(
But anyway, this will all be done from the point of view of Cora, so I will be giving the computer over to her ;) Take it away, Cora! ;)


Hey everyone! It's Cora, and today I will be showing you what's in my figure skating bag, plus how I get ready for a long day at the rink ;) Since Shelby's computer is being really stubborn today, it won't let her upload the "getting ready for a long day at the rink" photo examples she took, so I will be making a Part Two containing those pictures soon ;) But since she managed to upload the "What's In My Skating Bag" photos, I'll be sharing them with you in Part One!

Oh, and excuse my awful looking curls, Shelby hasn't had time to re-curl them in a while :P

Onto what's in my bag!

First off, you're going to need a nice, durable bag to put your skates and supplies in. I'm using a modified Nintendo DS bag as my backpack for supplies ;)

The next think I have to have in my bag are (obviously ;) ) my skates! For humans I recommend putting soft cloth soakers or hard guards on your blades before storing them in your bag, but Shelby couldn't find mine, and since they're for a doll that isn't as important ;) 


Next, I always have an extra set of thin, moisture-wicking trouser socks in my bag, because you never know when one of your pairs may get a run in them ;) 

Next, since I change into my practice clothes at the rink, I always have my skating clothes in my bag ;) 

Also, I always have water bottle in my bag so I don't get dehydrated! I usually have a doll-sized one, but yet again, Shelby couldn't find mine so she posed me with a real human-sized one ;)

Next, I always bring a hair tie to keep my hair up and out of my face while skating ;) 

That's about it! I may sometimes bring a few extra things, such as an extra jacket or possibly a  nutritious snack, but that's really all I bring along! I try to keep my bag as light as possible ;) I hope you enjoyed, and happy Earth Day! ;)


  1. Happy Earth Day! Such a creative post idea!

    - Ellie

  2. I would love to try figure skating, great tips!

  3. Her bag is super cute. We love Hello Kitty.

  4. Happy Earth Day! This was so cute - wow, what a talented girl! I would absolutely wipe out completely if I was put into skates xD


  5. Cute, Shelby! That's really awesome that you're a skater now.. Just like Mia! ;)
    I nominated you for the Good Friend Blog Award on my blog a while ago.. I tried to tell you but this computer wouldn't let me post the comment, for some wierd reason :P So. Now you know! :D

  6. Hey Shelby, I just wanted to let you know that I am unable to post on SBATD today because I have a HUGE band competition tomorrow that I really need to pack and prepare for. Sorry for such short notice!

  7. Hey Shelby-Grace! My name's Sunny. I've been reading your blog for a while and really love it, I've just never commented till now. ;-)
    Cora is such a beautiful doll! I love her skating outfit. I'm glad you and her are enjoying skating. :-)
    P.S. I nominated you for the Good Friend Award on my blog! Here's the link:


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