Friday, October 3, 2014

A Fall Giveaway With American Planet!

Are you ready for an incredible giveaway? Well, today I have an amazing fall-themed giveaway sponsored by Char from American Planet! Char creates wonderful 18 inch doll clothing, and even better, she up-cycles material to create these incredible pieces! I just love that! So I am very excited to present this amazing outfit that you can win:

Here are all the items you can win! But unfortunately, Cora is not included ;)

I just love this grey cardigan! I think this shade of gray really complements the striped tee, and it hangs just so perfectly on my doll!

There is a cute tag that says "American Planet" is sewn into the inside of the jacket :)

Also included is this adorable purple, black, and white necklace! I think it adds an elegant touch to this outfit.

I just love this adorable denim mini skirt! It's looks so realistic! The waist is elastic and fits Cora perfectly.

Also, the skirt has an "American Planet" tag inside it, too :)

The color of the tee is so cute and modern! I love the stripes :)

The tee closes in the back with Velcro!

There is another "American Planet" tag inside the shirt :)

The shirt is so well-made, I love it!

Here's a look at the outfit from behind :)

Here is a look at the outfit without the cardigan:



I adore the color of these boots! I also love the fur on the top and I think the buttons on the sides add such a cute detail!

Are you ready to hear how to enter?
Go take a look around American Planet, and come back and leave a comment in this post saying what your favorite outfit is.

Get a bonus entry by posting about this giveaway on your blog or your Google+ and come back and leave another comment telling me where you shared it.


Giveaway officially ends on October 9 at 11:59 Eastern Time.

 If you are under 18, make sure you have a parent's permission before entering, because you will need to give me your address to receive your prize!

Contest open to U.S. residents only. Sorry, I can't ship international. 

I will randomly choose a winner using :)

If you are chosen, please leave me a comment with your address, and I will not publish it, and I will make sure you have your prize shipped as soon as possible.

Good luck to everyone! 


  1. I love that outfit! Sadly I can't give away my address :(

  2. That is such a cute outfit!
    I think my favorite outfit is the T-Shirt, Skinny Jeans, and Cropped Jacket!
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  3. The dani is my favorite, but all the other outfits are so cute! Thanks for the giveaway!

  4. I like "The Kimberly" Pleated Skirt and Long Sleeve T-shirt & "The Anna" Blue & White Floral Sundress.

  5. I posted about this on my blog.

  6. My favorite outfit is "The Natalie" Eco-Friendly T-Shirt, Skinny Jeans, and Cropped Jacket. It is so cute!


  7. Thx for cute giveaway!!! I like the same thing carli does and have permission.

  8. My favorite outfit is the Natalie outfit! Thanks for the amazing giveaway!!! :)

    1. I shared on google+!!!

  9. I would love to enter! I have a parent's permission. My favorite outfits are the Eco-friendly Pleated Skirt and Long Sleeve Tshirt and the Eco-Friendly Backpack, Trendy Tee, and Boot Cut Jeans. Thanks for the giveaway!
    ~Christian Homeschooler

  10. My favorite outfit is the Cropped Jacket, Trendy Tee and Mini-Skirt outfit. Thanks for the giveaway!

  11. My favorite outfit is the Natalie Eco-Friendly T-Shirt,Skinny Jeans, and Cropped Jacket
    I love that it.

  12. Hey, I'd like to share this giveaway on my blog. Do you mind of I use the first picture of my post? Thanks!
    ~Christian Homeschooler

    1. Sure! Go ahead and use it :) Thank you for asking!

      ★ Shelby-Grace ★

  13. I posted about your giveaway on my blog! Here is the link:

  14. Gorgeous outfit!
    Love "The Melanie" outfit too.

  15. I gave a shout out on my blog. :) i hope you don't mind I shared the first picture.

  16. I'm going to enter, good thing I saw this before the end date! Yes, I have permission from my parents.
    My favorite item is "the Anna" Eco-Friendly Blue & White Floral Sundress!
    Thanks again for the giveaway!

  17. I posted this on the AG Homeschool Message Board.
    Here is the link to my post:


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