Saturday, August 30, 2014

Rebecca's Outfit Of The Week + Mini Photoshoot!

I decided to start something new: Outfit Of The Week With Rebecca!! :D Once a week I will post a photoshoot with Rebecca's favorite outfit she wore this week plus her opinion on the pieces she wore ;) To kick off this series, here is Rebecca's favorite outfit she wore this week:


Hi, everyone, Rebecca here!! :D I'm going to show you my favorite outfit that I wore this week. It's a modern version of my original Meet dress ;) See the resemblance?

Here's some more pictures of my OOTW:

I love these books so much! They are perfect for mix-n-match :D 

Here's the adorable drop-waist skirt! I love the pleating.

The IU logo is in a pretty purple color :D

I just love the collar on the dress with the cute little buttons :D 

Here's a look at my hairstyle!

I'm wearing: 

The Striped School Dress from 2011

The Leggings from the Cozy Sweater Outfit also from 2011 

The current MyAG Meet boots

Shelby-Grace decided to do a mini photoshoot after my OOTW, too ;) Here it is: 

(Sorry for the random cars in the background :( I took these photos behind our church and there were cars parked there ;)  )

What do you think of our new series?

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Marie-Grace Is Still For Sale!!! :D

I was reading Delightful World Of Dolls blog and I saw in her post about how Marie-Grace was still available!!!!! She said AG didn't let her place the order, but I tried it myself this afternoon and I clicked "Check Out" and it let me place an order!!!! (I didn't go all the way through with paying for her, of course, and removed her from the shopping bag ;)  ) AG's site was having glitches earlier, so I think Madison's (Delightful World Of Dolls) order was messing up because of that ;D Also, it said she was $110, not $115 like the BeForever versions of the other dolls :D So, if you were hoping to purchase her, now is the time!!! It's really hard to find the page though, and I had to follow the directions Madison gave. Later though, the AG Archives changed and you can't access it the same way she did hers earlier, so I'll give you the direct link to MG's page:

Marie-Grace And Paperback Book

Also, if you want to purchase MG and her accessories, here's the link for that:

Marie-Grace, Paperback Book, And Accessories 

You can also still purchase her accessories separately: Marie-Grace's Accessories

(Also, I am sorry I haven't posted the rest of the Historical Book Re-Creation Series!!!! I was really busy this week and it slipped my mind :(  ) 

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

My Entry For Dolls On My Mind's AGPC Contest ~ Challenge One ~

I decided to enter Dolls On My Mind's AGPC contest! If you're wondering what AGPC is, it's a contest similar to AGMA from AGTube, but for bloggers ;) Challenge 1's theme is Back To School. Here's my entry: 


Doll I'm Entering In The Contest ~ Bella (MyAG #26) 

The Story ~ After school, Bella changes into her favorite sundress and flip-flops and spends her time getting lost in reading and spending time with her kitten, Mabel, and her American Girl doll, Felicity.

About this photo ~ These photos are completely unedited besides adding my watermark. I used my mom's Nikon D300 to take this photo. Mabel is the new MyAG Himalayan kitten and her doll, Felicity is an American Girl mini doll and Bella's book came with Mini Felicity. Bella's dress is from the MyAG Pretty Party Outfit and the flip-flops are from an American Girl Place exclusive set from a few years ago. The blanket is just a piece of fabric I have.

How to vote for me ~ Go to Dolls On My Mind blog on September 3rd and Maddie (Dolls On My Mind) will post all of the entries and you can vote for some of your favorites (besides your own entry) and I'd be so happy if you would vote for me :) 


I hope you like my entry! 

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Some Of The New BeForever Items In The BeForever Video!!

I noticed Living A Doll's Life posted the link to the newest BeForever video, and I took some screenshots from it for you:

Samantha's new ice cream parlor!!!!! Ahhhh!!!! It's too cute!!! I. Need. This. Ice cream parlor.

I think that might be Samantha's new bed on the righthand corner!! I love it!!

This is Sam's new bike! I think it's quite cute, too.

I'm not sure if I like her new biking outfit, though :/

Hmm, that painting the girl is doing looks a whole lot like Samantha, but that hat looks way too modern for her to be wearing :( 

I think these must be all the girls' new meet acessories. Most of them are OK, but I like the older ones better :( Rebecca's hat is adorable, though! I'm not sure if Julie's purple sunglasses and tie-dye purse are my favorite though:

(Credit to  Living A Doll's Life again for the idea of using screenshots from some of the BeForever videos and giving opinions on the items) 

What do you think of the new BeForever items? 

Monday, August 25, 2014

★ My 30 Followers Giveaway! Enter Below! ★

I mentioned possibly doing a giveaway for getting over 30 followers last week, and today, the box with the items I ordered from AG arrived--with the giveaway prize inside!! So yes, we are having an over 30 followers giveaway!!!!!

All the girls and I say thank you so much, everyone! I am so glad that over 30 of you enjoy and read my blog :D 

Here is the prize!! Yes, it is the Ruffled Hoodie Outfit, as you can see modeled on Kit above :) I ordered 2 of the Ruffled Hoodie Outfits, one to keep and use to show off the outfit, and I am keeping the other unopened for the giveaway winner!!

Here is the top of the box ;) 

Ta-da!! Isn't it ADORABLE!?!?!

It comes with the "Strong" Charm for the MyAG charm necklaces!

Here's the outfit!

Kit graciously offered to be my model today ;) 

Here's the sandals! They're held on in back with a matching blue elastic strap.

Aren't the pants so cute? I love the detailing on the strap holding the cuff up :) 

Here's a look at the top and jacket.

The shirt says "Peace" "Love" "Happiness" and "Joy" and has rainbows, flowers, and butterflies on it, too :D 

Here's some of the details on the side of the jacket!

Here's the jacket all zipped up :D

The hood looks cute up, too :D 

Here's the back of the jacket!

Here's the outfit from the side!

And here's the outfit from the side! (sorry for my hand in the picture, Kit is older and has really loose limbs so I had to help her stand)

On one of the arms of the jacket, AG's tag is sewn on to the jacket!

There is a tag on the back pocket, too :)

Here is what the winner will receive:

*The cropped ruffled jacket

*The blue tank top

*The gray pants

*The blue sandals

Kit and her pink hair clip are not included ;) 

Are you ready to hear how to enter?


Giveaway officially ends on September 1 at 11:59 Eastern Time.

 If you are under 18, make sure you have a parent's permission before entering, because you will need to give me your address to receive your prize!

Contest open to U.S. residents only. Sorry, I can't ship international. 

Leave me a comment in this post telling me what your favorite outfit made by AG (it can be retired or still sold) 

Get a bonus entry by posting about this giveaway on your blog, and come back and leave another comment telling me where you shared it.

I will randomly choose a winner using the old-fashioned method of writing everyone's names down and putting them in a big bowl and drawing one name out ;) 
If you are chosen, please leave me a comment with your address, and I will not publish it, and I will make sure you have your prize shipped as soon as possible.

Good luck to everyone!