Thursday, June 26, 2014

The New Release Is Here!

The new release is here! This morning, I checked AG's site, to see if the new releases where here. I was especially wanting to see #61, because during the leaks, I fell in love with her. Sure enough, she was there! 

Plus a couple of items for Isabelle:

But the rest is MyAG:

this is what caught my attention: 

all of the new pet clothes had that, and on another pet set they mention the new pets have a magnetic mouth!

And then Bitty Twin items:

And then Bitty Baby:

And books:

Plus, they must be adding #61 to the create-your-doll, because this is how the MyAG homepage looks:

instead of how it looked a few days ago when I did my post about  how to do something fun on AG's site

What do you think of the new release? What is your favorite item in the release? 


  1. EEEEEEEEK I wish that karate outfit fit me!

  2. That karate outfit too adorable to pass up, maybe with a little pinning in some areas, it might fit ;) Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment!


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