Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Something Fun To Try On AG's Site

Have you ever wanted to see a MyAG outfit on your particular doll, but the stock photos are on a different doll? Well, I have, so one day I discovered how to do just this while looking around in the online AG store! Here's how to do it: 

Go to AG's site, then to the online store.


Go up to the "Dolls" category.

Then click on "My American Girl" 

Then click on the "Create Your Doll" button.

You can choose by eye, hair, and hair style to choose your doll.

I chose MyAG #22 as my example for this post.

Click "Choose Doll." (Don't worry, you won't actually buy the doll unless you click "add to bag.") 

Ta-da! Now your doll can try on all the glasses, braces, earrings, and clothes in the shop!

Go to "Outfits" to have your doll virtually try on the clothes.

My doll is trying on some pajamas :)

If you click on any accessories, shoes, or pets, they will not show up with the doll.

If you go to "Style Starters," your dolls can try on earrings, braces, and glasses here!

I hoped you liked this fun little thing to try on AG's site :) 


  1. Great! I'm so going to try this

  2. Thanks, Leah B. :) I'm excited to see how #61 will look in all the new clothes from the release ;) Have fun with trying on the doll clothes!


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