Wednesday, June 25, 2014

♥ My Fashion Friday Entry For The Dazzling Dollies ♥

Shelby-Grace: Felicity is ready for summer! She's wearing a handmade sundress, a white AG shirt, and white AG sandals, and her hair is in pigtails for a summery look :) My blog is: 


  1. Love your blog! So cute! Very nice, looks like a lot of work was put into making it!!

  2. So Cute!!! What is this "Fashion Friday" you speak of? If it's a contest I bet you'll win for sure!

  3. Dollympics547--Thanks so much :D It took a while to get set up, and after a VERY stressful afternoon setting it up, I think it turned out pretty good ;)

    Rapunzel Rae--Thanks you so much! It's sort of like the Sunday Showcase on Doll Diaries, I just called it an entry :)


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