Monday, June 9, 2014

Marvelous Monday: June 9

I love Doll Diaries' Picks Of The Week posts, so I decided to make my own version of it here on Oh My Dollies: Marvelous Monday! I'm going to choose 5-7 of other doll bloggers marvelous posts last week :) 

 Meghan from Girly Doll Type is also a Spring Fashion Design Challenge contestant! I love her post this week featuring her adorable dress this week! Check it out  *HERE*!

Christian Homeschooler from Treasured Friendships With A Flair posted Part 2 from her dolls' adventures at Camp Doll Diaries! Her camp set up is adorable! Check it out  *HERE*!


Abigail, Anne, and Lanie from The Dazzling Dollies posted another Fashion Friday last week! I'm sure Abigail, Anne, and Lanie would love it if you sent in an outfit this week :D Check it out  *HERE*!

Hannah from AGDTime Blog posted a great room tour led by Rebecca! I love how she set up her doll room :) Check it out  *HERE*!

Tess and Maggie from Jane Austen & Unicorns is back and better than ever! I love Tess's tour of the dolls' new rooms, the room set ups are completely adorable! Check it out  *HERE*!

If you are featured in Marvelous Monday and would like a Marvelous Monday blog button, copy and paste the code from the grab box under the Marvelous Monday blog button on my sidebar :)


  1. Thank you for featuring my post! Marvelous Monday is a great idea.

  2. You're welcome, AGDTIME :D Thanks for liking my idea!

    Oops, thedazzlingdollies, I accidentally deleted your comment :(

  3. Thank you so much! I am so glad you like my blog!
    Of all your picks, I had already read them all[I follow all those blogs. :)], except for the last one. And of course, I looked at the blog and I really like it! :) I just love the doll in your picks picture. She is so cute!

  4. You're welcome, treasuredfriendshipswithaflair! I'm glad you discovered another a doll blog to read :D


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