Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Historical Book Re-Creation With My Dolls--Part Two: Kit

Today's re-creation was inspired by the Happy Birthday, Kit book! I chose the scene where Kit and Sterling discover Grace, abandoned on the street. I just love this scene, Grace is one of my favorite American Girl pets, so of course I chose to do a scene with her ;) But I don't own a boy doll, so I chose Cecelia to take his place, pretending that she is Ruthie ;) I included an extra photo from the book below to show more detail of her and Grace. I made my Grace a similar tag, but it seems to have gotten lost during the photo shoot :(

Kit is wearing her meet sweater with her reporter dress beneath and a pair of white Mary Janes I found buried in my doll shoe box then did her hair with her meet clip. Cecelia is wearing an Our Generation dress with some sandals also from the doll shoe box. Her sweater is from Kit's meet outfit. I'm not exactly sure where the umbrella is from ;) Today happened to be rainy where we live, so it was the perfect day for this photoshoot (That is probably the last time I'll ever say that rain was the perfect thing for my photography ;) I had to put my dolls on some old kitchen towels to keep the rain and dirt off my dolls, so excuse the random towels in the photos ;)

Here's a funny shot of how I kept my dolls and Grace dry while I adjusted the camera from time to 
time ;)

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