Monday, June 9, 2014

Historical Book Re-Creation With My Dolls--Part One: Felicity

I decided to do a fun new series here on Oh My Dollies! I'm going to choose a part of a Historical AG book and re-create it with my dolls. There will be some sad ones (like Felicity's grandfather dying) and some silly ones (like Molly and the turnips) and some fun ones (like Rebecca acting in the movie) Today I was flipping through Changes For Felicity, and I flipped by the scene with Felicity sitting with her mother after her Grandfather's death. I know, it's a very sad scene, but it has so much emotion packed into one small illustration that I just had to re-create it with my dolls. I used my doll, Genevieve, as Mrs. Merriman because of her and Felicity's similar looks. I know Mrs. Merriman didn't really have bangs, but I don't have twin Felicitys to use ;) To create the tear on Felicity's face, I used a bit of clear Scotch tape to hold the eyelashes down and to create an artificial tear. Felicity is wearing Kirsten's nightgown and Caroline's work outfit hat. Mrs. Merriman is in a custom outfit I got for her and her hat is from Felicity's Christmas gown set. 

Here is the illustration I modeled this after.

What do you think of this new series?


  1. Thanks, thedazzlingdollies, I appreciate that :D

  2. Hi Shelby-Grace!

    I always am so blessed by your comments on my site and wanted to leave you one! :D This is such a creative series and a sweet scene, I LOVE it!! Can't wait to see more of them.

    Thanks for sharing my site on your list too, it means a lot to me!

    Have a great day! <3

    Your Friend,

  3. Thank you sooo much, Liz :D I'm glad you are enjoying my series :) Thanks for leaving me a comment!


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