Saturday, June 14, 2014

Camp Doll Diaries: Part One

My girls arrived to Camp Doll Diaries two weeks ago and have been having lots of fun, but we accidentally forgot to put up our post about their arrival :( But now, here is the first part of our series about the girls at camp! :D 

 Rebecca arrived at Camp with her form, full of excitement about the summer ahead. She found the check-in area and sat down and waited for someone to come to check her in to camp . She waited and waited for what felt like forever, until a girl suddenly burst in. She looked to be Rebecca's age, but wearing an odd dress, and she had her long, brown hair done in two braids. "Hello, my name is Molly. Your counselor this year is my big sister, Genevieve, but I'm helping her with check-ins. If you'll give me that form, I'll check you in," The girl said. 

When Molly saw Rebecca staring at her dress, she said, "This week's theme is Pioneers and Explores, so I'm wearing a prairie dress." Molly gave a twirl, then giggled. Rebecca knew that she liked this girl. 

Molly took Rebecca's form and typed some info into her computer, then said, "Follow me and I'll take you out to your cabin." Rebecca came and followed Molly. 

She led her down a windy path, chattering on about how great camp was, and Rebecca tried to follow what she was saying, but that girl talked ninety miles an hour! But then Rebecca heard Molly say, "...and the canoeing is the best out here! It's soooo great, Rebecca, you'll love it!" And Molly continued on, but Rebecca didn't hear her. Canoeing? Oh, how could it be! Rebecca hated canoeing, ever since the day when Rebecca was little, and slipped out of the canoe one summer day, on that very lake at Camp Doll Diaries, long before the camp came to that area.

 She had leaned over the side, and toppled out. Little Rebecca couldn't swim, and down, down, down she sank to the murky depths. Her mother spotted her and saved her just in time, but ever since, Rebecca had hated canoeing. After getting stuck in that daydream, she looked up, and noticed she'd wandered off the path, and Molly was nowhere to be seen! Then Rebecca looked, then she saw it: Camp was nowhere in sight. Rebecca was lost.


Stay tuned for Part Two!


  1. Cool! My dolls are doing Camp Doll Diaries too. Poor Becky :(

  2. Thank you, AGDTIME :D I hope your dolls are having lots of fun at Camp Doll Diaries! Yes, I hope she will still have fun at Camp, even if she has to canoe :(


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