Monday, June 30, 2014

Alexandria's New Freckles!

After reading Liberty Rain's blog, California Harmony, I noticed her Jess doll had freckles, and on the Throwback Thursday on Doll Diaries, Liberty sent in a picture of her Jess, and mentioned she had used a washable marker to add freckles to her doll. I loved how it looked on her Jess, so I went digging through my art supplies to find some brown washable markers to try to add some freckles to one of my dolls. I found some old Crayola Fine Tip markers, and I tested them out on my Madame Alexander My Life As doll, Alexandria, and I think they look adorable!  

What do you think of Alexandria's new freckles? 


  1. I love them! They make her look so adorable!

  2. She looks so cute with freckles!!!Oh my goodness!

  3. Thank you, Liberty Rain, I really appreciate that!

  4. Those freckles look great on her! I just discovered your blog through the Daisy Chain Award and I love it! :)

    ~ MInt

  5. Thank you so much, Mint, I'm glad you like my blog :D


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