Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Cecelia's Kittens: A Photo Story

It was a warm, sunny afternoon, I decided to take one of my dolls, Cecelia, out for pictures! (Cecelia is a renamed Samantha doll) She hurried to find her Mary Jane shoes and apron and ran outside. She sat beneath the tree in our backyard, keeping an eye on her two mischievous kittens, Ginger and Praline.

She decided to move closer to watch them better.

Then she noticed some nasty weeds invading her garden! "Be good," Cecelia told her kittens. "Don't get into any trouble." Cecelia began to cross the yard, which seemed huge to her, being only 18 inches tall, towards her garden.

Cecelia worked on removing the weeds by her plant. 

And then she heard it: "Woof! Woof, woof, woof!" followed by a "Me-ow, me-ow, me-ow!" 
Cecelia looked and saw the neighbor's dog, Charlie, barking at two little kittens in the tree--Cecelia's kittens! She raced over to the tree to Charlie. It looked as if he had broken away from someone on a walk, because a leash was dragging behind him. "No, Charlie! Leave my kitties alone!" But Charlie didn't listen. He continued to bark at the kittens, causing the kittens to climb higher into the branches.

Her sister, Molly, came running over, her braids coming out, her glasses askew and her bangs rumpled. "I'm so sorry, Cecelia," she said. "I was walking Charlie for our neighbor, because I was trying to earn money for my very own American Girl Doll, but Charlie saw your cats playing in the yard and broke away from me." 
"It's OK, Molly, but could you please put Charlie somewhere so I can get my kittens down?" asked Cecelia.

"Sure, our walk was almost done, so I'll take him next door," said Molly.

Cecelia started up the tree.

"Ouch!" cried Cecelia. Her hair got caught in the tree, and one of her kittens, Praline, was just out of reach! 

She managed to free her hair and pull it up into a bun with the hair tie she kept around her wrist for occasions like this. She reached out and caught Praline! 

Molly returned, and Cecelia handed down the kitten to her.

Ginger had climbed much higher than Praline, almost to the very top of the tree. 

Cecelia finally caught Ginger, and carried her down to Molly.

Cecelia jumped down, just as Molly set Ginger on the lawn with Praline. "Thank you so much for helping me get my kittens out of the tree, and even giving up your job so you could help. I hope you will make enough money to get a doll somehow," said Cecelia. "Oh, I don't need money to get an AG anymore," said Molly. "Our neighbor's daughter outgrew her American Girl doll and gave me hers when I told her what I was saving for. She had a retired Felicity doll! She had been looking for someone who would play with her and take good care of her, and she said that I could have her Felicity! How great is that! I told her thanks a million times."
"Oh, wow that is!" said Cecelia. "Maybe you can borrow Shelby-Grace's camera and post pictures sometimes on Oh My Dollies!" The two gave each other huge hugs, than ran off to work on photography with her new Felicity doll.

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